BroadLeah Art & Handcrafted Creations

Full Name: Rachel Hilton
Business Name: BroadLeah Art & Handcrafted Creations
Business Category:
Short Business Description: I create crocheted hats and purses, polymer clay miniatures, beaded jewellery and paintings. I find inspiration in the colours and textures of nature. My creative process begins out in the landscape collecting natural materials which I sometimes use in my work.
Long Business Description:

My recent creations are inspired by nature so my creative process often begins out in the landscape collecting interesting objects or taking photos. I return to my studio and use what I have found to sketch my ideas. Designs evolve from whatever I feel excited about at the time; the texture of some moss growing in a woodland, the pattern on the trunk of an old oak tree or a beautiful combination of colours on a birds feathers. Once I have my design I search for wool and other materials to make my items. I love finding textures and colours that will create the effects I wish to achieve. I don’t work from patterns, I tend to work from my imagination! So far I have produced a range of hats and purses but I am not limited to any particular finished product. I prefer to make one-off items so my work continues to be interesting and my customers can purchase something unique.

I make custom items so please contact me if you have something in mind. Any ideas considered!! I am happy to give further information or advice on anything you see in my shop so please do not hesitate to message me if you have any questions.

BroadLeah Mission:

I have always been passionate about protecting wildlife and the preservation of natural habitats, therefore 10% of my total profit will be donated to the RSPB. Their mission is to ‘give nature a home’. For more information please go to:

NB: An official RSPB receipt will be provided with any purchases as proof of donation.

About my Art Practice

I studied fine art at university and graduated in 2016. I was interested in childhood memories so I spent my time exploring this subject for several years. I am still influenced by themes of nostalgia; personal memories, old well-loved teddies, toys and objects, my family home and my favourite childhood stories. I have been commissioned to paint portraits of old teddies. I am currently working on this side of my practice and a selection of my finished pieces will be added to my shop in 2018.

Rachel Hilton BA(hons) Fine Art