Hieronymus Sloth

Hieronymus Sloth
Business Name: Hieronymus Sloth
Registration Number: 161117829
Member Since: 16/11/2017
Full Name: Ashley Reilly
Membership Level: Ruby
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Country: USA
Short Business Description: Hieronymus Sloth is an Etsy shop based out of Pittsburgh featuring assorted hand-beaded stitch markers and gifts, vintage items, and felt ornaments.
Long Business Description:

30-something arts and crafts loving mom.

I am Ashley Michelle and this store is decades in the making.

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in crafting and making things as gifts for friends and loved ones. For years, my grandparents encouraged me to expand it beyond gift-giving occasions and to seek out people in the world who would be interested in buying my wares. Unfortunately, I held myself back. I was not convinced I could do this.

In 2016, I decided it was time to open my shop. My grandparents both passed away five years before, but, I could still feel their loving presence encouraging me to be proud of myself and the things that I make.

Presently, I am a domestic engineer, freelance web manager, and freelance childcare provider in Pittsburgh and it is the flexibility that my schedule provides that has allowed me to go full steam ahead with this endeavor.