Wonky Bobs Personalised Gifts

Wonky Bobs Personalised Gifts
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Wonky Bobs Personalised Gifts
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Kristy Hoggins Howe
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My name’s Kristy, I’m 39 years young and have a passion for all things handmade.
So when i had finally had enough of being mind numbed at home and not being able to work through several illnesses, i decided it was time to do something about it!
And along came the idea for “Wonky Bobs”!
I got my business name from 1 of my cats who is such an inspirational little soul.
He was mauled by a dog when he was only weeks old and it caused severe trauma to his skull and jaw.
His bottom jaw had to be entirely rebuilt and he’ll always be cross-eyed.. but hes a fighter and 7yrs later hes still going strong (and very cheeky!)
Its not been an easy journey for me either, but that’s for another day..
I now work with several amazing small businesses (and individuals) to provide them with custom vinyl/decals which they in turn use for their products.
I also make bespoke personalised items which i sell with great pride!
I am so fortunate to have the most awesome customers and my client base builds constantly.
I’m truly blessed and humbled to have the support that i do, which enables me to continue to grow daily and be inspired by others.
I look forward to working with new customers and continuing to build and form friendships along the way..