Business Name: Meleorem
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Member Since: 03/09/2019
Full Name: Katrina Aggelopoulos
Membership Level: Ruby
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Country: USA
Short Business Description: Leather Pet Memory Bracelets and Handwrought Jewelry
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European by birth, Texan by choice. I’m a Christian, outdoors loving, camping, kayaking, former adrenaline junkie, animal lover with a background in the arts. The word Meleorem is a derivative of Meliorem which means to make better.

My goal is to create personal and organic items, from “Meleorem -Wearable Memories” – a custom bracelet made from your own leather accessory providing you with a keepsake like no other. And from “Meleorem-Handwrought” Handcrafted jewelry made with semi precious stones, gemstones and mineral crystals for both beauty and benefit.

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