Wrapped In Colour

Wrapped In Colour
Full Name: Christine Robbins
Business Name: Wrapped In Colour
Business Category:
Short Business Description: Unique hand-knitted accessories to wrap yourself in colour.
Long Business Description:

I love the challenge of knitting a unique and elegant knitted item that makes the most of the fibre and colour. I love experimenting with shapes and knitted stitches but I also enjoy using wonderful patterns designed by people who have given me permission to use their patterns. I make shawls, scarves, hat, gloves, and cowls, with the recent addition of dog coats and blankets. Well why shouldn’t they be wrapped in beautiful coloured items? Although I knit items for sale in my shop, what is important to me is knitting things that fit so I will customise items so they are the right colour, length and size for your needs.

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