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Hollinfare Bears
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Hollinfare Bears
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Karen Twigg
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Handcrafted traditional collectors bears
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Hi, I’m Cheshire bear artist Karen  Twigg and I am the owner and designer of Hollinfare Bears . I have always loved bears and up to now have only made bears for myself, family and friends but what started out as a hobby has now become a business.

Hollinfare Bears are small traditional bears with their longs arms and hump which are designed and handcrafted by me.

Here are a few details about the bears I create:

  • Each hand stitched bear is one of a kind, no two bears are ever the same.
  • They are all made from the highest quality mohair with cashmere pads (unless stated otherwise).
  •  They are all filled with heavy-weight polyester fibre and most are steel shot weighted in their tummies to give them added weight.
  • All bears are fully cotter pin jointed