Natural, Sustainable and Planting Trees

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The Dark Island Soap Co does more than create incredibly beautiful soaps

Do you ever wonder what the difference is from generic soaps that are mass produced to handcrafted cold process soap? Cold (and hot) process soap is the traditional way of creating soap, caused by a chemical reaction using lye with liquid to make the ingredients go through a stage called “saponification.”” This binds all the ingredients together when in the mould and creates a wonderful bar of soap!

Our soaps are made with at least 90% certified organic ingredients from a plant based recipe. We don’t use palm oil, sls, parabens, fragrance oils (only the finest pure, often distilled, essential oils), mica powders, or animal fats.

We are also a cruelty free business, recognised by Peta, and sustainability is our forte. We plant a tree for every order and ten for wholesale! In just 6 months, we’ve planted almost 1,000 trees worldwide through @treenation, and we adhere to a structure reduce, reuse, recycle policy.

Visit us today to enjoy our luxury aromatherapy soaps, handcrafted with love.

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